Providing Early Intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis in Northern California and Vermont

Name: Christina

​Position: Assistant Supervisor

Meet AAI's Assistant Program Supervisors

Name: ​Natasha
Position: Assistant Supervisor

My name is Natasha and I am an Assistant Supervisor with AAI California, I am currently enrolled in school with Purdue Global University. I graduated in July of 2021!  I am now pursuing my Masters degree and am putting in my supervision hours and my course credits to sit for the BCBA exam!

When I am not at work or doing school work I crochet different projects for myself, family members, and friends. I also enjoy taking my dog son walks and doing some yoga and fun workouts with my best friend! 

What led me to the job here at AAI was my cousin that has autism, I saw the everyday struggles of his day as well as his siblings and mom. I then wondered, what kind of job or line of work is there that can support a child with autism on almost every level of being a functional human being? WIth that being said this job means so much to me, knowing that I am a part of a child and families progress and achieving milestones and goals is a very heartwarming thing to be a part of.

What I appreciate most about AAI is that I am constantly supported with anything that I do. That means being supported at work, with my education, and with my family. 

Name: John

Position: Assistant Supervisor