Name: Kyla 
Position: Lead Registered Behavior Technician

I was born and raised here in Lake County. I am married with three beautiful daughters. I love spending family time. We enjoy hiking, swimming, movie nights and I love to cook and entertain for family and close friends! I am currently in my bachelors program at Purdue University Global where I am working on my degree in Early Childhood Administration.  

At the time I had been pursuing my degree in Early Childhood Education at the local community college and I was looking for work. Someone had told me that Brian was hiring. I looked at the job posting, did some research into the company and Applied Behavior Analysis, and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of!

It means a lot to me to be doing this kind of work. Living here my whole life, I know the lack of resources the county has, and it feels amazing to be part of something so great.

What I appreciate most about working at AAI is my team. I continue to learn and grow every day thanks to my supervisory team and our team as a whole. 

Name: Alana
Position: RBT Trainee

I have taken classes in Early Childhood Education and previously worked as a preschool teacher.

I was inspired to join the company after seeing how AAI’s team members interacted with their clients and guided them in a school setting. They were always kind, helpful, informative, and displayed an ethical responsibility to their clients.

To be working in this field of work, to me, means to be caring, ethical, supportive, collaborative, sensitive, encouraging, confident, and enthusiastic! 

The AAI staff is very warm, welcoming, and supportive.  What a great team to be included in!

Name: Destiny

Position: RBT


I am an independent, compassionate, and dedicated worker. One of my popular talents is painting. I do this on my free time. I currently have an Associates in Human Services and am pursuing my degree in ABA to be a BCBA. As of now, I am a Registered Behavior Technician. I started my position at AAI in 2018. I was inspired to this job because of my brother. As a sister of a brother on the spectrum, I wanted to give all that I had to those in need. 
 My job is more than a job, but a career.  I know I am making a difference to families and the community. I take pride in what I do and continue to do. Starting my day with these children makes me happy. My supervisory staff provide me with the confidence to achieve my goals which also allow me to guide my peers successfully. 

To be doing this work means to help a child be successful. It means to help teach them to play, learn, advocate for themselves and so much more. This work means that I am guiding these children to success. It means my skills are in use for the ones in need. When a parent is in need of assistance, I am there. This is what I was meant to do! 

Name: Amy
Position: Registered Behavior Technician

I was born and raised in Lake County, leaving after high school to pursue an education in Sociology and Early Child Development.  I love nature and to be outdoors. I am an avid traveler who loves to experience different cultures. 

In 2009 I met my husband and was quickly introduced to the military lifestyle, uprooting and switching jobs every couple of years.  With over 10 years of experience working with children and at multiple Pre-Schools I was always heartbroken to see the children with developmental delays being left behind. I knew I had to do more.  Working with children can be challenging but has always been a very rewarding experience as I enjoy helping children develop and overcome challenges.

AAI is a truly amazing company. I have never felt so appreciated and valued in any other organization. Communication within AAI is of high importance and they not only solicit my opinion but take it into consideration. In addition, all of my coworkers share the same vision and are dedicated to the same mission. AAI is not only a team, they are family.

Name: ​Natasha

Position: Lead RBT

My name is Natasha and I am a Lead RBT with AAI California, I am currently enrolled in school with Purdue Global University. I am working on my Bachelors degree in ABA and will graduate in July of 2021! After this I will be pursuing my Masters degree and put in my supervision hours and my course credits to sit for the BCBA exam!

When I am not at work or doing school work I crochet different projects for myself, family members, and friends. I also enjoy taking my dog son walks and doing some yoga and fun workouts with my best friend! 

What led me to the job here at AAI was my cousin that has autism, I saw the everyday struggles of his day as well as his siblings and mom. I then wondered, what kind of job or line of work is there that can support a child with autism on almost every level of being a functional human being? WIth that being said this job means so much to me, knowing that I am a part of a child and families progress and achieving milestones and goals is a very heartwarming thing to be a part of.

What I appreciate most about AAI is that I am constantly supported with anything that I do. That means being supported at work, with my education, and with my family. 

Name:  Juni
Position:  Director AAI California 

I grew up in Lake County and will forever be in love with the beauty that surrounds this area. I have two boys that are the light of my life, and all of my interests involve them. We spend our free time outdoors as much as we can- often going to the beach or hiking somewhere local. Since beginning work with AAI in 2017, I have earned my Master's Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, and am certified as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

I had the opportunity to meet Brian and become familiar with the work that AAI was beginning to provide within Lake County when they first started up. AAI has a mission to provide quality, collaborative support to families in rural communities. This is the work that I was drawn to become a part of; work that is meaningful and, more importantly, very needed in our area and in so many other places.

This work is truly humbling to do. To be one member of a whole, community-based team coming together to support a child in achieving milestones and developing more and more independence and skill sets is a beautiful thing. This is the kind of work that I am excited to wake up every morning and jump into. 

I appreciate my team. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow together. I also appreciate the ample opportunities for an individual to grow- both personally and professionally.

Providing Early Intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis in Northern California and Vermont