Supporting Families and Professionals 

AAI is happy to share the expansion of operations into the beautiful state of Georgia, bringing resources and support for individuals with autism and their families. Our presence isn't just about services; it's rooted deeply in building enduring relationships. As newcomers, it's paramount for us to blend respect and trust with our unique level of care for those we're privileged to serve. In tandem, we aim to establish ourselves as a community cornerstone, nurturing our team's growth and fostering collaboration to enhance our services, underpinned by cultural sensitivity and professional development.

Our dedication to Georgia transcends mere professional interaction. We eagerly anticipate participation in local events, workshops, and forums, emphasizing our mission to truly integrate into the community fabric. Open channels of communication will always be maintained, valuing feedback and ensuring we align our services with the distinct needs and values Georgia holds dear.

Our journey is shaped by impactful stories and testimonials from past endeavors, propelling our commitment to do more. We envision creating an enduring legacy of support and collaboration in Georgia. To every family, individual, professional, and community member, know that AAI is here not just as a service provider but as an unwavering partner in community welfare and progress.


Current Play Space:

Clearlake, California

Community and In-Home Services:

Lake County

Mendocino County

Humboldt County

Del Norte, County

Newport, VT

212 Prouty Drive Suite #2
Newport, VT 05855
Phone: (802) 487-9421
Fax: (802) 487-9432

(appointment only)

Rutland, VT
163 Stratton Rd
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: (802) 772-7071
Fax: (802) 487-9432
(appointment only)

Clearlake, CA
4456 Manzanita Ave.
Suite #2
Clearlake, CA 95422
Phone: (707) 461-5027
Fax: (802) 487-9432
(appointment only)

Current Play Spaces:

Newport, Vermont

Rutland, Vermont

Community and In-Home Services:

Addison County

Bennington County

Caledonia County

Chittenden County

Essex County

Franklin County

Grand Isle County

Lamoille County

Orange County

Orleans County

Rutland County

Washington County

Windhan County

Windsor County