​​Name: Kaitlyn
Position: RBT Lead

Aside from work I enjoy being outside, hiking, swimming, and spending time with my dogs. I find taking care of my health and wellness to be a highly active part of my life. I have an associate degree in early childhood education, a Bachelor of Professional Studies in behavioral science and I am currently working on master’s degree in psychology with an Applied Behavioral Analysis focus. My goal after earning my master’s degree is to gain my license as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.

I worked for three years as a paraprofessional in the Center for Exceptional Children. This center used the methods of applied behavioral analysis to improve students social, emotional, and academic skills so they could join their regular education peers in the classroom. The students that I worked with in the center were those on the Autism spectrum, developmental delays and those who had been affected by trauma. I found this work to be extremely rewarding and I enjoyed being able to support these students in ways that improved their confidence and allowed them to improve on skills in all areas. My interest in the field of Applied behavioral analysis grew from this experience and has led me to pursue my degree in behavioral science as well as my interest to work for AAI. I came to work for AAI once I had received my bachelor’s degree in September 2019. I wanted to work for AAI as they are working with families and children to meet the needs of the family and child. In doing these interventions are planned for each child based on their needs in order to prepare them for the many demands of life. Goals that are created for each child are created with the goal to be for the child to be able to independently use these skills in a variety of environments.

The AAI environment is positive, supportive and encouraging. The staff all work as part of a team and work together to meet tasks and collaboration is meet with positivity and acceptance. Great empathy is used daily with children and families to ensure that everyone is working together and in harmony.  I am more than happy to come to work everyday and work as part of such an amazing team. 

Meet AAI's Lead Registered Behavior Technicians

Name: Destiny

Position:  Lead RBT

I am an independent, compassionate, and dedicated worker. One of my popular talents is painting. I do this on my free time. I currently have an Associates in Human Services and am pursuing my degree in ABA to be a BCBA. As of now, I am a Registered Behavior Technician. I started my position at AAI in 2018. I was inspired to this job because of my brother. As a sister of a brother on the spectrum, I wanted to give all that I had to those in need. 
My job is more than a job, but a career. Somewhere where I know I am making a difference to families and the community. I take pride in what I do and continue to do. Starting my day with these children makes me happy. My supervisory staff provide me with the confidence to achieve my goals which also allow me to guide my peers successfully. 

To be doing this work means to help a child be successful. It means to help teach them to play, learn, advocate for themselves and so much more. This work means that I am guiding these children to success. It means my skills are in use for the ones in need. When a parent is in need of assistance, I am there. This is what I was meant to do! 

Providing Early Intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis in Northern California and Vermont

Name: Jessica

Position: RBT Lead

I have been working as a RBT since 2019 and pretty much instantly fell in love with the science. I am currently enrolled in a masters program for ABA at National University and will graduate in Summer of 2022! My goal is to sit for the BCBA exam shortly thereafter. 

I came to AAI when my fiancé and I decided to relocate to his hometown. After reading the AAI website and meeting with the director for my interview, I knew it was a place that aligned with my ethics on ABA. 

During my free time I can usually be found by the lake with my dog, Kenobi. When we aren’t out and about, we are snuggling at home. Since 2020, I have been working with him to use an AAC device to communicate with me. 

For me, being an RBT is about having an advocate heart, “listening” to the data, and being flexible to help those we work with achieve success. 

I appreciate - so much - the amount of support I get from AAI supervisors. I truly feel like my success and wellbeing is cared about.