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AAI and Purdue

Where we are dedicated to raising awareness and the understanding of autism, as well as advocating for the rights and needs of autistic individuals.

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental variance that may affect the way an individual communicates and interacts with others, as well as how they process sensory information. It is a spectrum, meaning that the severity and specific symptoms can vary widely among individuals. Some common characteristics of autism include difficulty with social communication and interaction, repetitive behaviors and interests, and sensory sensitivities.

At our organization, we believe that every individual with autism has unique strengths and abilities, and we are committed to supporting them in reaching their full potential. We provide a range of resources and interventions to help individuals with autism and their families navigate the challenges that may arise. These include educational programs, therapeutic interventions, and support for families and caregivers.

We also advocate for the rights of individuals with autism, and work to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion and acceptance for all. We believe that with the right support and opportunities, individuals with autism can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a widely recognized and evidence-based approach to supporting individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. It involves using positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behaviors and teaching new skills through structured and systematic methods as well as lots of play.

AAI embraces the concept that neurodiversity, acknowledges and values the diversity of human brains, and the unique ways in which they function. We promote the acceptance and appreciation of differences in neurological wiring, and recognize that these differences should be celebrated and respected, rather than pathologized or stigmatized.

ABA and neurodiversity can work well together in supporting individuals with autism because ABA can provide practical and effective strategies for addressing specific challenges and helping individuals reach their goals, while also recognizing and valuing the unique strengths and differences of each individual. It is important to recognize that every individual with autism is unique and has their own strengths, needs, and goals, and that a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective. By combining the principles of ABA with a neurodiversity perspective, it is possible to support individuals with autism in a way that is both practical and respectful of their individuality.

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