Supporting Families and Professionals 

AAI and Purdue

At AAI, we stand committed to enhancing awareness about autism and advocating for the rights and needs of autistic individuals.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental spectrum that influences how a person communicates, interacts with others, and processes sensory information. The severity and specific symptoms can vary widely among individuals.

We recognize that every person with autism, like all individuals, possesses unique strengths and abilities. Our approach at AAI centers on listening, partnering, and engaging with children and teens in a playful and natural way. We provide a range of resources and strategies to assist autistic individuals and their families in achieving their goals.

Our foundation places importance on support, inclusion, and acceptance for all. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) plays a crucial role in our approach. This evidence-based method uses personal motivation to teach new skills through structured, systematic methods, enriched with abundant play.

At AAI we also honor the concept of neurodiversity, acknowledging the diversity of the human brain and the unique ways we function. We promote the acceptance and appreciation of these differences, recognizing that they should be celebrated and respected.

ABA principles, coupled with a neurodiversity-oriented perspective, allow us to design support that truly respects and honors the uniqueness of each autistic individual. We are dedicated to offering practical, tailored strategies to address specific challenges and goals while acknowledging the distinct strengths and differences of each person.

Thank you for visiting our website and joining us in our mission to support and empower everyone who becomes part of our team. Your involvement helps us continue our essential work, ensuring that every person with autism receives the personal care, understanding, and respect they deserve.