Providing Early Intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis in Northern California and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont


In 2015 my wife Sherry and I started Autism, Advocacy, and Intervention (AAI), an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Early Intervention company.  We both saw how ABA services made huge differences for kiddos and their families. And when we saw the benefits of additional ABA services outside of the classroom, we marveled at how fortunate these kids were to live in a time when such services were appreciated. Unfortunately, not all kiddos had access to these services - rural areas were often under-serviced and in need of consistent, trained ABA professionals. We left our teaching jobs in the city and headed out to see if we could help.

AAI’s first clinic opened in Lake County, California, an area tucked into the golden mountains between Sacramento and the Pacific Ocean and considered one of the most rural regions in the state.  Lake County welcomed AAI with open arms. The beauty of the landscape, the support from local agencies (shout out to the Redwood Coast Regional Center), the grounded demeanor of the community, and an honest to goodness population of people that truly care about their neighbors was nothing short of awe inspiring. 

AAI’s second clinic opened in 2018 in Northern Vermont, my home state.   And AAI met again with wonderful people, supportive agencies, dedicated parents, and a landscape that’s seasonal beauty can rival paradise.

Today AAI, led by our director Danielle, provides clinic based and in-home services, contracts with many of the school systems and educational facilities such as Head Start and Early Head Start, has a strong parent training component, and is an established component of the communities we serve.  In addition to the traditional clinic program, AAI has implemented a clinically sound hybrid telehealth program.  BCBA supervision is conducted via a HIPAA compliant secure video platform while registered behavior technicians (RBTs) work face-to-face with the families. AAI is proud of our BCBAs and RBTs who are fully trained, certified, and excited to work in this industry.

In closing, in addition to AAI’s BCBAs and RBTs, there are many, many people who have worked and continue to work behind the scenes at AAI to make it the success it is.  These dedicated folks, who parents and clients may never meet, deserve a great deal of appreciation. Thank you.

If you are a family interested in our services or if you are an individual interested in joining our team, please feel free to reach out to us.  I think you’ll like what we have to offer!