Name: Andrea, MA

Position: Telehealth Program Supervisor

Some of my many interests include, anything and everything in nature, strumming the ukulele,  DIY home projects, and cooking.

In 2010, I graduated with my BA in Speech Language Pathology from CSU Fresno. In 2013 I received my MS in Special Education (Moderate/Severe Specialization) from National University. Lastly, in 2017 I completed BCBA coursework from Florida Institute of Technology. 

My past experiences as a Behavior Technician and Special Educator have lead me to the beloved field of Applied Behavior Analysis. I’ve had experience working with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities for 10 years, with age ranges from birth-22 years old. I have experience working in different settings including: in-home, clinic, community, school, and now, telehealth platform. I’m currently studying to sit for my BCBA exam!

AAI’s mission statement really resonated with me because of my past experience working and providing Early Intervention and ABA services in rural areas of the Big Island of Hawaii. I want all families to have the same access to resources that other families are easily able to receive in more big city and metro areas. I am beyond thrilled to know we can reach these rural families utilizing the telehealth platform. Also, I absolutely LOVE working with this age group and population! Most of all, I really enjoy working with the AAI family and the company culture. It’s been an amazing experience so far being part of such a passionate and collaborative team!

Providing quality Early Intervention and ABA services to families in rural areas via the telehealth platform means a great deal to me as an educator, clinician, and behavior analyst. Seeing our full team in action, especially during these unforeseen times surrounding the pandemic, our team is still able to provide therapy to these clients and their families. 

What I appreciate the most about working for AAI are all of the awesome values that I experience on the daily! Outstanding communication, support and guidance, ongoing collaboration, quality supervision, and the flexibility in creating individualized programs for our clients and families. 

Name: Isabella

Position: RBT in Training

I joined the AAI team because I love working with kids and I want to make a difference in my community.  My brother was diagnosed with ASD when he was three years old.  I was able to see firsthand how intervention and family support positively impacted his life.  I am humbled and eager to be a part of this journey helping kids and families within Del Norte County.

Name: Erin, MA, BCBA

Position: Telehealth Program Supervisor

I have collectively over 10+ years of ABA training and experience within home, clinic, school, and community settings. I received my Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University and obtained my BCBA credentials in May of 2019. My most recent experience and interests have been within early intervention and intensive verbal behavior practices.

What led me to AAI was their mission to disseminate ABA treatment to rural communities that have a significant shortage in available services. Additionally, their values and approaches align with mine, as they believe learning should be individualized, fun, engaging, and natural. 

What means the most to me about this kind of work is the ability to observe and be a part of the changes that result in an improved quality of life for individuals and their families. There is nothing more rewarding at the end of each day than seeing an individual making positive gains as a clear result of their family and behavioral staff's collaborative efforts. 

I appreciate the positive and supportive culture that AAI has created for both their clients and employees, even from a distance! AAI's dedication and mission to adhere to a healthy work-life balance is incomparable to any other ABA agency. Truly, the best!

Name: Moria (Mo), M.S., BCBA

Position: Telehealth Program Supervisor

Moria began working with adults with learning differences while in high school. She found the experience to be very fulfilling and continued to support adults with Traumatic Brain Injury in assisted living with daily life skills. Mo then proceeded to gain experience in Special Education elementary school classrooms as an aid while she studied Early Childhood Intervention at Portland State University. In 2010 she discovered Applied Behavior Analysis and continued to gain experience within the field in clinic, home, community, and public school environments while pursuing her Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorders at The Sage Colleges. In 2017 she became a Board Certified Behavior analyst.

She feels so fortunate to have landed at AAI, where she has found the emphasis on parent involvement, compassionate care, and a positive collaborative environment among clinicians, to create the perfect professional environment for her passion to support families.

In her free time, Mo spends time with her husband, two children, and energetic dog. She loves to listen to music, garden, hike and be out in nature as much as possible.

Name: Sabrina 

Position: Lead RBT

I have been working in this field since 2015. When I am not working I love to spend time with my husband and dog anywhere in nature, trying new local food and making art! 

I had recently moved to Mendocino County and thought I wanted to take a break from working but I missed my job and the work I was doing as an RBT and thus my journey with AAI began. 

For me being an RBT means finding ways and teaching families how to find ways to make the world around us accommodate the needs of each child and family I work with.  

The thing I appreciate most about working at AAI is the support, guidance and encouragement  we have from our supervisors. Even though we are not close in proximity I never feel like I am lacking support. On top of that our management truly cares about our wellbeing.

Name: Alyssa, MA BCBA

Position: Telehealth Program Supervisor

Alyssa started in the field of applied behavioral analysis in 2010 as a behavioral tutor in public education systems in Lake County, CA. Later she worked as a Behavioral Consultant for various agencies within the autism field until receiving her behavior analyst certification in May of 2018. As a behavior analyst Alyssa has experienced a vast array of service delivery models including school based, home based, center based, and care home services across age groups ranging from 2 years to 28 years of age.

Alyssa graduated from Sacramento State University with a bachelor’s degree and from Ball State University with a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis.

What led Alyssa to working at AAI was a desire to provide services to clients in rural areas like the one her and her younger brother on the autism spectrum grew up in. Alyssa continues to love the flexibility and support remote services can provide our clients and client families.

Alyssa loves acrylic and oil-based painting as well as charcoal and graphite drawing. She also loves swimming, running, and attending CrossFit classes every weekday

Providing Early Intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis in Northern California and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

Danielle, MA, BCBA

Director of AAI Telehealth

Hi! My name is Danielle and I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the Director of Telehealth for AAI. I began working in the field in 2009 while pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Child and Adolescent Development. I immediately fell in love. I earned my Masters in Human Behavior, and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in 2014. 

There is nothing like seeing children achieve milestones their families didn't know if they ever would - and knowing you supported that; but my favorite part of the work I do is teaching other Behavior Analysts and Behavior Technicians how to support children and families in the same way. That passion is a big part of what led me to this position at AAI, and I am so grateful that this organization has given me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for and experience with ABA with other professionals in this field.
There are so many things I appreciate about working at AAI. Always having lived and worked in Los Angeles, essential behavior services were readily available to anyone who needed them. I feel so much pride in being part of an organization who looks beyond the typical demographic and advocates for the families living in rural areas who have struggled for years to get the resources they need. AAI and its founders truly care. For me, the biggest win here is the unending support from all directions. There is no problem that we can't find a solution for together.

In my free time, you can find me at Disneyland, camping with my husband, children, and two dogs, or in the CrossFit gym!