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AAI Virtual Summer Series

Donald Bailey – August 29, 11am PST

Donald Bailey is the father of his 30-year-old autistic son and has devoted his life to help other people and families to ensure that their children are taken care of for the rest of their lives. Donald has a career in the financial industry specializing in financial planning. His keynotes offer advice for families with a disabled family member and can truly change a life.

Almost a third of families in the US have at least one family member with a disability. Speaker Donald Bailey is the founder of Legacy Care which is a service for families with a disabled family member, where they offer an integrated approach of planning, strategies, and advice to ensure the best possible life for their loved ones. Donald is also the author of “Your Legacy of Care” – a financial guidebook for caretakers as well as the book “LIFE Learning Is For Everyone”.

Donald has experienced first-hand what it’s like to take care of a disabled family member and today his son, Donald Jr., lives a purposeful life with two part-time jobs and is a truly successful member of society. Although Donald has experience in the financial sector, he was missing guidebooks and advice for life with a disabled family member and is proud to have contributed with his financial advice and strategies for families.

Speaker Donald has written two books “Life” Learning is For Everyone, and “Your Legacy of Care” Both books are personal reflections on raising his son who was at an early age as being on the autism spectrum.

The books detail personal memories of the many challenges raising a young boy who at four years old was labeled with PDDNOS (Persuasive Development Delay Not Otherwise Specified). The Bailey`s were told their son may need to be institutionalized and they should seek professional help to deal with what the future would bring.  They declined and this was the beginning of a journey with many obstacles, challenges, and rewards.

In the book a “letter of care” is provided to help families document their sons and daughters’ personal needs for future care givers.  Doctors names and addresses, medications, driver’s license, social security numbers, credit card numbers and many other important information is provided.

Information on how the Bailey’s have planned financially for when they are no longer here to make sure there are plenty of assets available to take care of their son’s needs for his lifetime.  Wills, trust. guardianship and conservators are also discussed in the book. As one reader said, “The book is a practical road map to meet the myriad challenges of providing appropriate and sustainable care for a special needs family member”.

Speaker Donald Bailey is also the founding director of College Transition Connection, Inc. which is a non- profit responsible for the development and funding of programs in five South Carolina colleges for young adults who have an intellectual disability. Donald is passionate about helping other families and bringing awareness to the struggles of living with a disability.