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AJ and Devon Wildes – August 15, 11am PST

Mother and son AJ Paron-Wildes and Devin Wildes are two very inspirational people. When Devin was just 4 years old, he was diagnosed with autism and his mother was told he would never speak or communicate with her. Today, Devin often joins his mother on stage as they share their story with large audiences around the world.

Together they break through the taboo of autism and show the audience what it’s really like.

AJ is a recognized design consultant in healthcare and education. She helps organizations improve their environments for people with ADHD and autism in particular and is an expert in her field

 With Devin’s artistic talent, he has left audiences speechless many times. Devin inspires everyone to believe that anything is possible and his heart-warming story touches everyone deeply.

AJ Paron-Wildes

As soon as AJ’s son started showing signs of a severe case of autism, she started worrying about his life and the many hopes and dreams she had for him. What you go through as a parent when your child is diagnosed with autism can really only be explained by someone who has gone through it. As a speaker AJ Paron-Wildes shares her deepest thoughts and worries through learning to understand autism and to understand her son.

AJ has an educational background in interior design and specializes in creating spaces that support autistic children and adults. AJ has also written a book on interior design for autism and her expertise and knowledge has helped many organizations and institutions.

Devin Wildes

As a child, Devin did not speak but he found a way of communicating through art – and he loved it. Devin is extremely talented and a true inspiration for people looking to gain a better understanding of life with autism. Many doctors, experts and professionals never thought Devin would be able to speak but now he shares his story with confidence and professionalism on stage.

The two speakers AJ Paron-Wildes and Devin Wildes are available for keynotes together or separately. Their connection and touching story leaves everyone in the audience with a feeling of hope. No one can provide a better understanding of life with autism than a mother and son who have faced the struggles together.

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